Why protect our estuaries?

Louisiana's Estuaries are comprised of more than 3,000,000 acres of crucial habitat for countless wildlife, bird, and fish species.  These vital ecosystems are being threatened by a number of factors, some man-made and others natural.  The most crucial threat we are facing is land loss.  If we don't do something to mitigate the land loss Louisiana's estuaries are facing, the ramifications both from an ecological and economical standpoint will continue to be devastating. 

Our strategy.

We feel here at ABLE that there are two important steps we can take to help better our estuaries.  The first step we are currently applying is to create coastal restoration projects we can coordinate and carryout.  The second step will be to find restoration efforts either already underway or looking to get started.  We want to help fund these projects through donations or grants.

How you can get involved.

Being an active participant in the fight to better our estuaries is something we here at ABLE find to be a rewarding challenge that makes us proud.  If you would like to join us in this fight and leave our state and planet better than you found it here are some ways to get involved.

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Educate

Every cause worth fighting for takes hard work and financial backing.  By donating to ABLE you will be helping anglers who care about the waters they fish and help protect a crucial resource.

Getting involved in our projects as a volunteer will give you a sense of accomplishment and reward that's hard to describe.  Getting your hands dirty while making a difference is a feeling like no other.

Spreading the word about the problems Louisiana's estuaries are facing is almost as important as fixing the problems they are facing.  Starting conversations or teaching your kids about the unique and vital habitat Louisiana provides can help us make the biggest difference possible.